Jail and Bail

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On 16th November some well-known Scarborough personalities and business leaders will be ‘locked up’ in Scarborough’s old prison for the day to help raise some vital funds for Saint Catherine’s.

Throughout the day the inmates will use their contacts and public support in the hope that they will raise enough money to ‘BAIL’ them out!

However, we thought there may be some of you who would prefer to keep these inmates behind bars! If this is YOU, you can pay to ‘JAIL’ your chosen inmate and ensure they serve their full sentence.

To get involved and JAIL or BAIL your favourite (or least favourite) inmate, you can:

-Call us on 01723 378406 state the name of the inmate and whether you would like to JAIL or BAIL them. Card payments and details will be taken over the phone.

-Donate via our website. Click here and please remember to state the name of your chosen inmate and whether you would like to JAIL OR BAIL them in the message section.

-Bring in a cheque to Saint Catherine’s reception on Throxenby Lane of your JAIL or BAIL amount. Please also bring along a covering letter that states your chosen inmate and JAIL or BAIL.

Donations can be taken now! If you would like to give your chosen inmate a head start to freedom or to ensure they serve their sentence we will look forward to hearing from you!


Inmate: 001

 1.Susan Ritchings                                                                         

Name: Susan Richings 
Place of Work: SWC Scarborough 
Crime: Possession with intent to supply Class 'A' 90% pure Cocoa


Inmate: 002

3.Paddy Billington

Name: Paddy Billington 
Place of Work: Yorkshire Coast Radio
Crime: Attempting to set the radio station alight by leaving his toast in the toaster for FAR TOO LONG!


Inmate: 003

4.Simon Bull

Name: Simon Bull
Place of Work: Castle Group
Crime: Possession with intent to supply bad dad jokes!


Inmate: 004

7.Mike Shingler

Name: Mike Shingler
Place of Work: Care Micro 
Crime: Impersonating Tina Turner (Badly!) We have been informed evidence has been supplied!


Inmate: 005

5.Suzanne Burnett & Kerry Hope

Name: Suzanne Burnett and Kerry Hope
Place of Work: Castle Employment
Crime: Guilty of stashing loot in the office (in the form of Ringtons biscuits)


Inmate: 006

6.Ed Asquith

Name: Ed Asquith 
Place of Work: Scarborough News, Brid Free Press and Whitby Gazette
Crime: Guilty of creating a national shortage by hoarding oranges in his top drawer.


Inmate: 007

2.Heath Samples

Name: Heath Samples
Place of Work: Betdigital
Crime: Copycat crime of “Buzzing the Tower when the pattern was full!”


Inmate: 008

8.John Easby

Name: John Easby 
Place of Work: Adverset
Crime: Supporting Leeds United without due care and attention.


 Inmate: 009

 9.Will Cammish

Name: Will Cammish

Place of Work:  Costcutter Express Ramshill

Crime: Guilty of speeding to the bathroom before his 4 daughters get there