Bereavement Support

Helping people come to terms with loss and grief.

Who do we support?

Saint Catherine’s provides a Bereavement Support Service to relatives (including children aged five and over), friends and carers of patients who were registered with Saint Catherine’s.

What do we offer?

Individual support is provided by a Counsellor or Supporter with specialist training in bereavement, grief, and mourning.

When do we see people?

In the early weeks following a bereavement, or at any time when needed during a person’s period of mourning. The number of sessions we make available is based on the needs of each individual; something that the Counsellor or Supporter will discuss with you.

Where do we see people?

Sessions are mostly conducted at Saint Catherine’s or, at other facilities in Malton, Whitby, and, when available, in Filey. In exceptional circumstances we may visit people at home.

How to access Bereavement Support

To access this service please call 01723 351421