Sharing of sensitive personal information is strictly controlled by the GDPR. Saint Catherine’s is required to let you know who we share your information with.

In general those providing your care will commonly share your records with those organisations which have a genuine need for it and with your consent.

Internally: Our clinical and clinical administrative staff share your records in order to optimise your care and treatment. The same applies to those providing counselling, emotional and spiritual support. Any of Saint Catherine’s staff directly involved in your care are deemed to have a legitimate interest in your data.

Items of sensitive data where you have the option of consenting to it’s sharing, will only be available to those you have nominated. Unless we are required to share it within the limited criteria within the GDPR

External Sharing: Your records may be shared with other healthcare professionals or organisations for example, your GP, consultants, referring hospital or service. Information may be shared with trainee healthcare professionals to facilitate training, unless you withhold that consent.

We may be required to share certain information with management or governing bodies. As explained under ‘how do we use information about our patients?’

This could include those who we provide a commissioned service too, the Clinical Commissioning Groups [CCGs] and those who monitor and audit our performance the Care Quality Commission [CQC], any such data will only be used for purposes of contributing to audits, public health, and standards regulation.

When we pass on information we have a duty under the GDPR to ensure its transfer is secure and confidentiality is maintained.