Education Session Time Date With What will I learn?
Counting Sheep - Sleep 1-2pm

3rd Sept

Dr Belinda Batton This session will discuss some of the issues that can interfere with sleep and the impact that not sleeping can have on us. We will also look at tips to help you get a better night’s sleep and will also signpost you to further information and support.
Equipment For You 1-2pm

10th Sept

Occupational Therapist, Ulrike Moratz-Coppins This session will help educate you about what free equipment is available from the Equipment Loan Store and give you helpful tips about what might be useful for you.
Introduction to Shiatsu 2-3pm 10th Sept Jo Smith This is a deep relaxation session. Shiatsu can calm an overactive sympathetic nervous system, improve circulation, relieve stiff muscles, and alleviate stress. Shiatsu is a therapy that works on the individual as a complete being – not just the physical body but also on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Regular sessions help to prevent the build up of stress in our daily lives.
Scarborough DAG 1-2pm 17th Sept Tim Vasey Tim, from Scarborough Disability Action Group will talk about the services they offer in the local area.
Introduction to Shiatsu 2-3pm 17th Sept Jo Smith Please see above Shiatsu session descriptor.
Imagine That - Group relaxation 1-2pm  24th Sept  Complementary Therapist, Ania Mitchell Limited places – please book in advance. This session is for patients who are in need of relaxation. You may have pain (physically or emotionally), be having problems sleeping, be feeling anxious or lonely, having to make difficult decisions or finding things generally difficult. The session will include visual presentation, music, room aroma, guided relaxation and gentle touch therapy. Please note:
It is not suitable for people who use oxygen, are allergic to essential oils or suffer from epilepsy. Everybody will be asked to take their shoes off. Late arrivals cannot be admitted to the session.
Fatgue Fighters 1-2pm  1st Oct  Physiotherapist, Emma Rothwell This session talks about what fatigue is and how we can cope with it. We will give you some coping strategies that can help support you to continue to do the things you enjoy.
Introduction to Shiatsu  2-3pm 1st Oct  Jo Smith Please see above Shiatsu session descriptor.
Catch your Breath  1-2pm 8th Oct Physiotherapist, Jen Milburn This session can support those who have feelings of breathlessness. We will talk about what breathlessness is and provide you with coping strategies for managing it. This includes simple techniques and tips for you to use every day to improve your breathing symptoms.
Power over Pain 1-2pm 15th Oct Dr Sarah Callin This session aims to improve understanding of what pain is and how it can impact on us. We will explore different approaches to pain and also look at how to get further advice and support.
Introduction to Shiatsu 2-3pm 15th Oct Jo Smith Please see above Shiatsu session descriptor.
Nutrition 1-2pm 22nd Oct TBC

This session will discuss the new international guidelines for thickening fluids and texture modifying foods. There will be a demonstration of how to thicken fluids correctly using Resource ThickenUp Clear. The session will be valuable for anyone living with or caring for someone with a swallowing problem.

Moving and Handling 1-2pm 29th Oct Jen Milburn, Fiona Claughton & Lynne Symmonds This session will give you the opportunity to practice basic moving and handling techniques. Applying what you learn in this session to everyday life can allow you to safely
maintain independence.
Introduction to Shiatsu 2-3pm 29th Oct Jo Smith Please see above introduction to Shiatsu descriptor. 
Being heard 1-2pm 5th Nov Nurse and lecturer, Louise Barnes This session will help to give you the confidence and skills needed to communicate with health care professionals and beyond. Come along to this session if you want learn more about effectively communicating with health professionals including what questions to ask and to whom. We will
also cover useful resources and top tips for getting your message heard.
Talking about the future 1-2pm 12th Nov Social Worker, John Gready Planning your future care can be a difficult and emotional issue to talk about sometimes. We would like to encourage you to think about discussing your wishes and preferences for future care. This session can help you to break down the emotional barriers so you can talk about what is important
to you. This is part 1 of the Advanced Care Planning sessions (Part 2 next week)
Introduction to Shiatsu 2-3pm 12th Nov Jo Smith Please see Shiatsu session descriptor above.
Planning for the future 1-2pm 9th Nov Social Worker, John Gready This is part 2 of the Advanced Care Planning sessions and builds on last week’s session. We look at what measures you can put in place to ensure your wishes and preferences are heard and respected, especially if you become unable to make decisions for yourself in the future. This includes practical steps and legal implications.
Looking after yourself 1-2pm 26th Nov Hospice at Home Team Leader, Emma Arnott We will explore how you can identify the things in everyday life that trigger stress and then how you can develop techniques to manage these. We’ll look at self-care and how you can help re-charge your batteries.
Introduction to Shiatsu 2-3pm 26th Nov Jo Smith Please see Shiatsu session descriptor above.
Mind your step 1-2pm 3rd Dec Physiotherapist, Emma Rothwell We can prevent many falls with simple techniques. Learn what causes most falls, how to avoid a fall and how to apply techniques at home and in everyday activities to keep you safe and independent.
Confusion 1-2pm 10th Dec Nurse and dementia trainer, Kay Dunderdale This session will explore the practical management of confusion, and offer useful tips to promote positive behaviour and reduce distress.
Introduction to Shiatsu 2-3pm 10th Dec Jo Smith Please see Shiatsu session descriptor above.
Lymphoedema 1-2pm 17th Dec Lymphoedema nurse, Lindsey Lister This session will provide a basic understanding of what Lymphoedema is and how it occurs. We will explore selfmanagement techniques to help improve your condition.