Sponsoring a Day with a gift of £11,000 will allow us to continue to deliver our services for another 24 hours.

By supporting a day of care, you can help patients and their families receive the support they need through a challenging and difficult time. 

You can choose any day that is special or significant to you. You can make a single donation or fundraise as a group. 

Sponsoring a Day will allow us to continue to offer patient and family care to the people in your community. If you decide to pay for a day at Saint Catherine's we know the day you choose might be special and meaningful. It could be a birthday, anniversary or a memory to mark a milestone important to your friends, family, staff or team. Whichever day you choose and for whatever reason, your support will mean that we can continue to deliver outstanding care and support in your local area. 

Saint Catherine's offers over sixteen different services across a 1,600 square mile radius every year to the patients and their families. All of our Hospice services are free of charge but Saint Catherine's must raise £11,000 a day to provide them. A day of your support will allow us to continue to offer our vital care. 

For more information see our brochure here.