Saint Catherine’s provides care to over 3000 individuals annually, each with access to a wide range of services, all of which are provided to patients free of charge.

Volunteers are vital to the success of Saint Catherine’s. They support delivery of almost all services offered by the Hospice, from the Board of Trustees that provide our governing body to a wide range of roles across Clinical Support, Income Generation and Operational Support.

At Saint Catherine's we understand that today’s volunteer wants flexibility so that they can fit their time volunteering around other commitments – such as work, caring for parents, children and grandchildren, and leisure time. Some volunteers may be experiencing a longer period of retirement and have valuable skills to offer the voluntary sector, whilst others face the reverse - working longer or going back into work after retirement.  For others, volunteering can be an important “stop-gap” between full time employment, as well as an opportunity to gain new skills.

We have volunteer opportunities in many areas of the hospice and we regular advertise these positions on our website. Click here to see our current volunteer vacancies.