Flamborough Fundraising Group farewell for Pat after 22 years

Flamborough Fundraising Group farewell for Pat after 22 years
Pat Waines is stepping down from Saint Catherine’s Flamborough support group after a fantastic 22 years of fundraising. In her time as volunteer fundraiser Pat and others in the support group have raised over £100,000.
‘We are going to miss Pat and her bubbly personality enormously. We want to thank Pat and her husband for all they have done to support patient care over the years’ said Saint Catherine’s fundraiser Nicky Grunwell.
Pat first started doing volunteer fundraising for Saint Catherine’s when she moved to Flamborough after marrying her husband Richard. She had grown up in Dewsbury where her family had been part of a community with a Reverend Patterson. Pat has fond memories of performing in church plays and remembers the kind vicar and his enthusiasm for performing arts. Revered Patterson left the community to move to Birstall as Cannon Patterson when she was still young.
When Pat moved to Flamborough with her new husband, she discovered that by chance, Cannon Patterson was in Dulverton House in Scarborough and she established contact with him again. They became friends and he spent time with Pat and her family. When Cannon Patterson was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years later, he was transferred to St Gemma’s in Leeds for palliative and end of life care. His GP doctor Chico talked to Pat about his passion for building a hospice in Scarborough so that patients such as Cannon Patterson didn’t need to travel so far for care. As many people know, Dr Chico, was one of three who did eventually develop the concept of Saint Catherine’s: Mr. David Fletcher, a surgeon at Scarborough hospital; Brian Fitzpatrick, a Methodist minister and Dr. Tony Chico, a GP, formed a Board of Trustees to work with them and in 1981 turned that dream into reality.
Pat became a Bridlington support group member after the Hospice started then formed her own Flamborough support group that is still successfully running today.
‘The story about how Pat came to be part of Saint Catherine’s is very touching. The Flamborough fundraisers are all wonderful and we really hope some more supporters will come forward to help keep going what Pat has started’ added Nicky. ‘If anyone is interested and able to support this group, please contact me on 01723 378406 or nicky.grunwell@saintcatherines.org.uk.’