International Nurses Day- Meet Lesley

Saturday 12th May is International Nurses Day

We wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful team of nurses within our organisation.

At Saint Catherine's there are over 100 Nurses and Health Care Assistants that work across the In-Patient Unit and within the community with our Hospice at Home team, Care Homes team and our Specialist Palliative Care Nurses.

Meet Lesley Beadle

Lesley is a Staff Nurse at Saint Catherine’s and has worked with us for 2 years in June. She has worked in nursing for over 40 years!

Lesley started working with the NHS in 1973 in Hull, where she trained. She then came back to Scarborough in 1978 and worked at St Mary’s Hospital as a Staff Nurse. Lesley moved to Scarborough Hospital in the mid-80s where she worked full time until she had her children. She returned to work when her children were just 16 weeks old!

Lesley then received her Sisters post in 1990 and worked as a Senior Sister on the Stroke Unit at Scarborough Hospital until 2012. She then became the Stroke Coordinator and worked for the Trust in Scarborough, Bridlington and a clinic in York.

‘‘After being in senior nursing positions, working as a Staff Nurse at Saint Catherine’s means my career has now gone full circle. I am really happy and proud of what I have achieved in my career but now I am able to work in a more hands on environment with patients which I missed doing when I was a Senior Nurse. My career has meant I have lots of experience with Neurology and Palliative care patients and I am able to use those skills in my current role. I like that at Saint Catherine’s I am able to spend more time with patients and families.’’