National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day
We wanted to share with you a poem written by one of our wellbeing patients
At 90 plus one rarely gets a tempting invitation
Funerals galore are oft the core of the only celebration
So when Saint Catherine’s missive came
Inviting me to go there
‘‘Wellbeing Centre’’ sounded good
And roused my expectation
Hospital stay caused some delay
But at long last came ‘’Welbeing day’’;
The warmth, the care, the atmosphere
The love shone strongly as the sun
The patients too- I loved you all
Though sadly names I can’t recall-
But thanks to all and every one
The last eight weeks have been such fun
The chat, the treatments, meals and drinks,
The quiz and crosswords to make us think
Yet no CROSS WORDS despite the stress
Volunteers and staff I must confess
Showed only smiles and happiness
They’d go the extra mile to pamper
Even to making that lovely hamper
So thank you ALL I wish you well
In all you do, you health as well
God bless.