Well Done Emma!

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Very Well Done to Emma!


Emma decided to #embracethechallenge for Saint Catherine's by taking part in a sky dive for her 30th birthday in memory of her Aunt, Linda. Emma's Aunt was cared for by Saint Catherine's in the final weeks of her life. 

Emma said ''I wanted to do something special for my 30th birthday and I had always been apprehensive about a sky dive, but the idea of raising money for the Hospice in memory of my Aunt seemed to fit well together. 

Linda, aged 64, was in hospital in November 2016 with a chest infection and terrible pain from a tumour in her liver. She was visited on the 16th November by the nurse and specialist from the Hospice suggesting that rather than go home with ongoing pain, she went into the Hospice for them to sort out her pain relief. She was anxious about this idea as felt the Hospice meant end of life but hesitantly agreed and moved on the 18th November. Within less than a day, she knew this was the right place to be.

Everyone at the Hospice including the cleaners, volunteers and nursing staff were pleasant, friendly and helpful. They made her and us, the family visiting, welcome. We were able to go every day for as long as we wished and staff provided us with food and drink alongside Linda. Linda being so well cared for and relaxed there made our anxiety and worry lessen as we were able to see that she trusted the staff and felt more at ease.

After a few days and a plan of changing various drugs they were able to get the pain under control and for the first time in months she seemed her old self again. She was eating again and started physio in order to get mobile to be able to return home. The staff organised hand rails to be fitted at home and a plan was ready to offer support at home as she became stronger and she even started to put weight back on.

But the return home did not happen, as on the 14th December, the cancer caused a bleed in the brain and she drifted into a coma and never recovered, dying on the 18th December 2016. This was a very difficult time for us the family, but we were able to stay overnight and be with her for as much as we wished. Ourselves then being cared for by the staff in a warm and nurturing manner, with explanations of what they thought was happening given freely and with sensitivity. They looked after Linda in the same attentive way, as if she was still very much aware of what was happening, talking to and caring for her.

The Hospice gave Linda the best possible ending that we could have wished for. Her month there was relaxed and it felt very safe and nurturing. Staff were immediately responsive to her every need. If she had gone home from hospital, it’s likely that the last month of her life would have been full of pain, uncertainty and anxiety.''

Emma's skydive raised a massive £720 for patient care. This money will help to provide care to patients and their families in your community.