Foreign coins for patient care!

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Foreign coins for patient care!

February 24th 2020

Do you have foreign loose change at home collected from various holidays?

With help from Ramsdens in Newborough, Scarborough, it can be transformed into a donation towards patient care at Saint Catherine’s.

Ramsdens, the currency exchange provider and financial services business, has launched a new initiative to encourage shoppers to donate their unwanted and unused foreign currency and have it converted into much-needed funds for local charities.

The Loose Change initiative will see each of Ramsdens’s 157 stores across the country introduce an unwanted currency collection point. Throughout the year, Ramsdens stores will convert the currencies and donate the money to a local charity of their choice.

The new Loose Change initiative follows research commissioned by Ramsdens Currency, which revealed that Brits are hoarding on average £60.78 in foreign currencies at home. Nearly a fifth of the respondents (17.8%) don’t bother converting their coins back into British Pounds as they believe it to be too much hassle.

Peter Kenyon, chief executive at Ramsdens Currency, said: “Most holidaymakers forget all about their leftover currency when they come home from a holiday, especially the loose change which more often than not ends up gathering dust or in the back of a drawer. But, with so much cash sitting at home, we’re urging our customers, and those within the local communities where we operate, to give generously and put their unwanted pennies to good use through our Loose Change initiative.”

To donate, simply visit your local store and speak to a member of the team.

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