Making Memories This Christmas – Doug’s Story

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Making Memories This Christmas – Doug’s Story

October 12th 2023

Hello, I’m Doug and I was a patient at Saint Catherine’s before my health improved enough for me to be discharged to a nursing home.

I was admitted to Saint Catherine’s in May this year to help with the management of my rectal cancer. I was in the care of the wonderful team there before I was able to go to St Bernadette’s Nursing Home.

I cannot thank all of the team at Saint Catherine’s enough for the incredible care I received while I was in their hands.

The relief of pain in particular was, to me, almost miraculous. To sleep soundly and to wake ready for an active day was something I longed for and thought I would never experience again. The fact that it did happen again, even for a short time, was wonderful to experience and it’s difficult to find adequate words with which to thank them all.

It was a pleasure to be in their care and I made genuine friends while I was there.

My time in Saint Catherine’s is a time I recall with affection. Without exception, every member of staff who dealt with me, from the cleaners and nurses to the caterers and maintenance team, they all showed kindness, respect and cheerfulness.

By supporting Saint Catherine’s this Christmas, you will be helping other people like me and families like mine receive the care they need. Thank you so much.


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