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Here you will find all of the audio clips that have been produced should you wish to listen to rather than read the meditation toolbox.

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Meditation Toolbox: The Meditations

Breathing meditation. Uses the focus of breathing to bring us back to awareness of the ‘here and now’. Helps us feel calmer, more balanced and focused. Particularly useful as a sitting practice but a short version (even three breaths!) can be used anywhere, anytime.

Three-minute breathing space. Brings our focus back to our internal experience in the ‘here and now’. Can help us feel calmer, more balanced and focussed. Particularly useful as a ‘pause’ when ‘on the go’ or overly busy or stressed. Recommended to use several times a day.

Self-compassion break. Helps restore a feeling of well-being in difficult moments. A compassionate practice, involving recognising our difficulty, acknowledging our connection to others, and bringing kindness to ourselves.

Compassionate body awareness meditation. Brings our focus to the body, helps to let go of tension, relax, and bring kindness and appreciation. Very useful to help relax at bed-time.

‘RAIN’ meditation. A compassionate practice to work more deeply with difficult emotions. ‘RAIN’ is an acronym for recognise, allow, investigate and nurture. Emphasis is placed on accepting the nature of our experience, whatever it is, and developing kindness towards ourselves.

‘Taking and Sending’ meditation. A compassionate practice, involving a visualisation of suffering being dissipated and transformed. Can help instil a sense of alleviating suffering (of our own or of others).

‘Compassionate light’ meditation. A compassionate practice, involving a visualisation of our internal experience transforming into compassionate light, which then travels to ourselves, others, the world to alleviate struggle and suffering.

Mindfulness in everyday life. Bringing full awareness to our experience of everyday activities where we might usually be ‘lost in thought’. We can use everyday mindfulness to help ground/balance ourselves in stressful moments and to help cultivate calmness. [N.B. no audio recording for this]

This ‘Meditation Toolbox’ has been written and recorded  by Barbara Payman. While none of the meditations are original  – they come from a variety of sources which we gratefully acknowledge – many have been developed/adapted for current purposes

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