Support for People Struggling with Bereavement

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering our Bereavement Support Service (previously only available to families of our patients) to the wider community and region. Information about this service is provided on this page.

*For relatives of Saint Catherine’s patients please visit our Patient and Family Support page.

A service of Saint Catherine’s Wellbeing Centre for adults & children

As well as offering our bereavement support services for free to relatives and carers of our patients, we are now able to offer our Living Through Loss and Counselling programs to any member of the public, as a fee for service. 

Bereavement is one of life’s great challenges

Bereavement often brings emotional pain, significant change, and many practical challenges. Most people find it difficult initially, but then ‘find their feet’ and manage to carry on and adapt. Some find it an overwhelming struggle and despite their best efforts, don’t experience their grief healing or life moving in a positive direction.

For people who run into difficulties, we are here to help, to find a path to healing, and to develop the resilience to cope.

How we can help

After an initial session to assess and advise on the kind of support that might be most helpful to you, we may suggest one of the following options:

• Our Living Through Loss small group program consisting of six sessions (once each week).
• Individual Counselling face-to-face or using online video.

Of course, it may turn out that all you need is the initial session to have someone reassure you that your
experience and your way of coping is normal and headed in the right direction. We are here to help you
decide on the best course of action.

With children we generally invite a parent or parents to attend a session to assess whether a child can benefit from counselling.

Often, we find that we can equip parents with knowledge sufficient to support their children through
their grief.

However, if a child needs counselling, we can tailor sessions to suit their age and particular needs.

Where are sessions offered?

Sessions are offered at our comfortable and welcoming Saint Catherine’s Wellbeing Centre, Throxenby Lane, Scarborough YO12 5RE.

Onsite parking is available free of charge.

For session fees or to make a first assessment appointment contact us on 01723 351421 or call into the Wellbeing Centre and speak to one of our staff.

Every effort has gone into ensuring the session fees are affordable for the majority of people. Counselling sessions can also be spaced out fortnightly to spread the overall cost.

Download Program Information

 If you would like to download the information above in leaflet format, you can do so here.

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