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We provide care and support at home and in the hospice for adults with a terminal illness, and to their families, and friends. Our services allow a patient to remain as active as possible and make the most of every day. 

We are Saint Catherine’s

‘You matter because you are you; and you matter to the last moment of your life. We will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully but also to live until you die.’ – Dame Cecily Saunders, founder of the Hospice movement.

If you or someone you know has been told they have an illness and might not get better, then you may have heard of palliative care. This is the care that is given to patients with an illness for which there is no known cure. For some patients, this may mean that specialist care is required. Around half of our patients are learning to live with cancer. The remainder will have a diagnosis from a wide range of other illnesses such as heart disease, respiratory conditions, end stage kidney and liver disease and neurological illnesses.

Our team consists of highly-experienced professionals ready to provide specialist palliative care to patients who have highly complex needs. We provide specialist nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, bereavement counsellors, social workers, complementary therapists and spiritual care support. All areas of Saint Catherine’s work are supported by a highly dedicated team of volunteers.

We know that learning to live with an incurable, progressive illness goes beyond the treatment of the physical and practical. We know that people are likely to feel many different emotions throughout an illness: from fear and anger to anxiety and guilt. The feelings can be overwhelming at times for both patients and their families and friends. 

Our holistic approach aims at all times to provide individualised patient care, tailoring the delivery of that care to meet the needs of the patient and those close to them and in accordance with the elements of NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guideline 138, providing support and guidance for emotional and spiritual wellbeing alongside the clinical care.

Patients don’t need to come and stay at the hospice in order to access our services. We have teams that can visit a patient at home. Sometimes, patients may spend time at our Wellbeing Centre or at an outpatient clinic. At times patients may need the round-the-clock care and support provided by our In-Patient Unit.

Our staff and volunteers provide a respectful space where patients can chat and laugh, make friends, and ask questions. We understand sadness and listen to fears.

All of our hospice services are free of charge to patients and families.

For more information see our brochure here.

Where it all began…

The concept of Saint Catherine’s was developed during a meeting between Mr. David Fletcher, a surgeon at Scarborough hospital; Brian Fitzpatrick, a Methodist minister and Dr. Tony Chico, a GP. In 1981 the three formed a Board of Trustees to work with them to turn that dream into reality.

In 1983 the hospice building at 137 Scalby Road was purchased in readiness for conversion. It was opened in April 1985 by Princess Margaret.

By the late 1990’s the time came to extend and improve the quality of all Saint Catherine’s work. The services had out-grown the existing site so relocation to a purpose-built new development was planned.

Following the new build appeal the £2m target was successfully raised by the end of 2003 and the relocation to a purpose-built facility took place in May 2004.

Today, Saint Catherine’s cares for individuals with a terminal illness and their families, not only onsite in Scarborough but also in people’s homes within an area of North Yorkshire covering more than 1,600 square miles.

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